Tips on how to use
Rhapsody of Realities

How to use

Useful tips on how to use Rhapsody of Realities

Rhapsody of Realities is a life guide that brings you a fresh perspective from God’s Word everyday. It features the day’s topic, a theme scripture, the day’s message, the daily confession and the Bible reading plan segment

Set aside a quiet time to focus and pay attention to the day’s topic

The best time to study Rhapsody of Realities isn’t when you’re going for lunch or when you’re rushing into your car. Though this is better than not reading it at all, practice reading it at the start of the day, not at the middle or end of the day. Give more attention to your study time. Don’t study on the run; instead, be settled when you study and you’ll get more.

Speak out the confession or say the prayer out loud

This isn’t the same as reading them to yourself; you ought to confess them audibly. That’s the only way they’ll produce results in your life. A young man once testified how the confessions in Rhapsody of Realities transformed his life. Everyday, he would recite them over and over again until the words got into his spirit. That was all he needed; his daily declarations produced unimaginable miracles for him. He made phenomenal progress on his job, in his family, and in every aspect of his life.

In the same way, you have to say the prayers out loud. Don’t mumble the words to yourself because they’re potent words that will cause changes if you use them the right way. These prayers are very important and you have to take them seriously. Sometimes, you may even have to take them again later in the day because they teach you how to pray.

Decide upon a Bible study plan and stick with it diligently and consistently

Go through the entire Bible in one year with the one-year reading plan, or in two years with the two-year reading plan.

Make up your mind to follow the counsel and instructions proffered in the devotional

Sometimes while studying, you may find tips, instructions, insights, and secrets of the Kingdom included in the articles. Take heed to follow those instructions. This is vital because those instructions are of the Spirit and they’ll catapult you to higher levels if you observe them.

Have faith and watch your life transformed

Always desire to get more from your Rhapsody of Realities because there’s so much more in it than you’re getting already.